(...). I witness an amazing transformation in the quality of the presentations performed by the students. (...)

Nuno Peres

Full Professor

Physics Department UMinho

(...) fills a major gap in our training as researchers - the ability to communicate science to our peers, but also to the general public.

Pedro DPAEM UMinho PhD student 

(...) one of the best things about the course was to simply be able to discuss and think (often for the first time) about some of these issues (...). 


UP PhD student 

I was impressed by the progress that some of them (whom I know quite well) made in a short time, in what concerns their capacity of public speaking and explaining their scientific work to non-specialists.

If I had more time I would certainly take this course myself, probably I'll still try to do it. 

Mikhail Vasilevskiy
Full Professor,

Department of Physics UMinho

(...) allows me to develop a wide number of interpersonal competencies such as creative and critical thinking, written and verbal communication, leadership and team management ability, which are fundamental for my scientific career progress and success.

Margarida DPAEM UMinho PhD student 

(...) manages to create the ideal learning environment through plenty of stimulating and enlightening exercises. Most importantly, this course gave me tools to self-assess, as well as to improve, my public speaking performances. 

Veniero Physics

UMinho PhD student


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