Ana Salgado has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology by Universidade do Minho. She is currently a lecturer at the Human and Social Sciences Area in the School of Health of Porto (Politécnico do Porto). Ana worked for several years as a lecturer at the Portuguese Catholic University at Braga, and also as a school psychologist in private and public schools (from Kindergarten to High School). Ana is also experienced in designing and delivering adult training in communication skills. She is an active member of Invicta Toastmasters Club at Porto. Her research interests include communication, gamification and self-regulated learning.


Ana Freitas has a Master's Degree in Educational Sciences.

She is accredited as a teacher trainer (by C.C.P.F.C.) and as a trainers’ trainer (by I.E.F.P.), having taught over 500 hours on topics related to teaching and learning in higher education.

She has experience working for 17 years in Higher Education Institutions, in the field of educational consultancy and support, pedagogical coordination, academic and event management, as well as research in higher education pedagogy.

She also collaborated on 6 (inter) national and funded projects, did more than 50 presentations at scientific events and published more than 30 abstracts and papers.

She supervised 3 curricular internships and 3 professional internships.

Currently, she is a Senior Officer in the Teaching and Learning Laboratory of the School of Engineering of the U.Porto.