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what have we been doing?


  • Science Communication Course (at academia and/or with other audiences)

  • Course "How to survive the Phd?" (What a PhD is, what it should be and what it can be; PhD competencies; Transition planning and career paths; Relationship between supervisor and PhD student(s); Problem solving during the PhD)

  • Course ''Preparing the transition to a PhD career - assertive communication, public presentations, thesis defense and PhD job interviews''

  • Course ‘I rotate – time management, procrastination in writing thesis, writing blocks, emotional management and prevention of depression, imposter syndrome in researchers’’

  • Course ''Finishing my PhD - planning the transition to the job market: building materials for job search and networking''

  • Course '' Finishing my PhD - planning a career at the Academy: pedagogical training to teach in Higher Education''

  • Course '' Relationship with the Advisor - communication and assertiveness, expectations and responsibilities; problem solving and conflict management strategies

  • Workshop "Art of living in the PhD - Time management and fighting procrastination in thesis writing"

  • Workshop "Art of living in the PhD- Emotional management, imposter syndrome in researchers’’

  • Workshop "Art of living in the PhD- Assertive communication and presentation techniques”

  • Workshop "Art of living in the PhD- Teamwork and Leadership”

  • Workshop "Art of living in the PhD- Teamwork and Project and Meeting Management”

  • Workshop "Art of living in the PhD- Teamwork, Conflicts and Interpersonal Negotiations”

  • Workshop ''Preparation for doctoral job interviews''

  • Workshop ''Preparation Skills for public communication and ViVa preparation (defense)''

  • Workshop ''Strategies for thesis writing 'blocks'''

  • Workshop ''Good practices in the relationship with the advisor''

  • Workshop ''Problem solving and conflict management strategies in doctoral studies''

  • Workshop ''Networking for PhD students''



  • Course ''Good Practices in Doctoral Supervision''

  • Workshop "The first class of the semester"

  • Workshop "Defining Skills and Elaborating Learning Objectives"

  • Workshop "Teaching-learning methods and strategies for small groups"

  • Workshop "Teaching-learning methods and strategies adapted to large classes"

  • Workshop "How to build a learning assessment device (modalities, types, methods, assessment strategies...)"

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